Testimonials From The Boardroom Practice Clients

The Boardroom Practice Limited carries out full client evaluations and gathers feedback from all of the programmes it is involved in. In some cases third parties - for example, universities or banks where TBPL runs courses "on behalf" of an institution - gather feedback as well.

Examples of such feedback are:

“I have been part of a lot of ‘’reviews’’ in my time and would just comment that thru your process followed you drew directors without exception right into owning the out-comes and from my point of view this was very helpful“
Chair - Auckland Council Controlled Organisation

“Effective governance requires on-going evaluation and accountability of individual Board members and the Board as a whole. Having participated in several Board reviews, I found TBPL’s the best. It is conducted efficiently and with integrity. The well-constructed questions elicit both quantitative and qualitative outcomes that are clear and concise. TBPL have struck a good balance with their format that is both time efficient and provides clear direction and feedback to individual Directors and Boards as governing entities”
Councillor - Board of a NZ Tertiary Institution.

"I took over as the chair of a NFP board 5 years ago, and while the members were well intentioned, they were ill fitted to function within the new regulatory and strategic requirements of the recent NZ environment.

Initially TBPL provided an individual and combined board review, which allowed specific targeted development for individuals and also demonstrated areas requiring addressing within the board's total mandate. The feedback was conducted in such a way that it worked as a board development opportunity as well as providing feedback, which was really important for us. As a result some people decided to move on and others undertook further development. We asked TBPL to review us again last year, and the results showed huge improvement especially in areas previously identified and targeted - top quality professional support and as an NFP I found we were well related to and that the outlay of finance is more than justified in the results achieved in developing a far stronger board, with better decision making skills."
Chair - NGO

“Kordia and Watercare choose the Boardroom Practice after previous experience with other companies and as a result of a rigorous selection process.

Past experience with other companies has been mixed in particular the overall view is that many other companies simply provide a cookbook, cookie cutter survey tool that is often not modified for the particular circumstances for the company and its governance relationship and provides a similar standard report back to the directors and other stakeholders.

The Boardroom Practice does not do this.

Firstly it adapts the survey tool to the particular company governance relationships and board maturity and most importantly modifies the analysis related on particular issues that have preciously come up and need to be focused on and as well any particular governance issues that are topical at the time.

1. In this manner it produces high quality output that is both focused and relevant.

2. Boardroom Practice is undertaken by people with real governance skills and have been directors themselves at various levels. This means the feedback is practical, relevant and focused.

3. They are advisors not consultants i.e. they will tell you what they think irrespective of what you want to hear, and the feedback can be unexpected but relevant and balanced. This adds real value and for those Boards willing to listen, reflect and grow is absolutely critical.

Overall it is the best board governance tool that I have found.”
Chair - SOE

"I have participated in two TBPL reviews - as board member of an Auckland Council CCO and as chair of a public company. Janine and her team are professional, efficient and constructive in their work and in their feedback. The TBPL review has been of considerable value to both companies and I would certainly use them again to conduct future board reviews."
Chair - PLC

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