Governance Training

The Principals and Associates of TBPL have enviable records in education and training in governance. Brent Wheeler has lectured at Otago and Massey Universities and held positions as lecturer in the Department of Maori Studies at Waikato University and the Maori Business School at Auckland University. Janine Smith has some 10 years’ experience in governance training for a variety of organisations, including Massey University. Ron Hamilton has trained for the Institute of Directors and the Crown Company Monitoring Unit for more than a decade. He has extensive experience in training in overseas jurisdictions.

Our Associates have been involved in governance training from the firm’s inception.

TBPL’s Principals and Associates have all routinely delivered various lectures to a wide range of audiences over the last 12 years.

Governance Training Partnerships

TBPL delivers training in association with partners which include The University of Auckland, Global Women, NZ Asian Leaders (NZAL), and the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust (EEO).
Training with partners addresses both the specific needs of particular audiences (for example the Callaghan Institute) and more general governance training (for example the University of Auckland Governance Short Courses).
The courses are customised to the educational and training needs of each audience and the time frames available to institutions and audiences.

For information on the upcoming Course in Auckland July 2016 in conjunction with the University of Auckland - Governance for Success

Client Based Governance Training

In addition TBPL offers training to specific clients motivated by their specific needs. Client organisations both not-for-profit and commercial entities work with TBPL to identify their specific requirements, the type of training likely to suit their staff and suitable programmes to deliver the levels of governance expertise which they seek for their people.
The stress in all TBPL training draws from the “live” experience of TBPL Principals and Associates in their roles as chairs and directors. Thus considerable emphasis is placed on real world examples, boardroom problem-solving and decision-making, management of issues in live environments accompanied by practical tips and guides to action. TBPL melds theory and practice in the light of everyday experience in governing entities.
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